Delivery: Meals, Snacks, Desserts

No one will know it's healthy unless you tell them!

For individuals, families or office staff

  • Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Natural Sweeteners.
  • Vegan/Vegetarian also available.

Conveniently eat foods you love to eat that your body turns into energy, strength, stamina and mental focus!

  • Power Full Snacks
  • Healthy Desserts

Delicious, Well-Balanced Meals Available in packages of 4-14 individual meals weekly in Los Angeles.

  • Lunch
  • Dinner

Custom Meal Delivery for Personal Nutrition Clients in Los Angeles:

Healthy Snacks or Desserts (protein flours, natural sweeteners) for pickup in LA or shipped to you. Some seasonal options:

  • Healthy Cookies
  • Honey Marshmallow
  • Snack Bars
  • Brownies

Email and request menu and quotes.




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Custom Cooking Lessons

Don't know how to cook? Stuck in a rut because you always make the same things? Break out!!

Learn how to cook without a recipe.

Learn how to make meals that are balanced in flavors and nutrition live-stream or in Los Angeles.

  • Meal Prep: How to shop for food and short cuts to make meals that are easy, fast and nutritious.
  • Cook for food sensitivities or dietary changes.
  • Food for a strong and healthy recovery.
  • Kids - Teens - Athletes - Couples
  • Let's tag team meal prep!
  • Flavor Profiles: learn how to put ingredients together so that they all taste better together.
  • Ingredient: Classes focus on an ingredient that you're stuck on like green vegetables, chicken or how to go vegan or gluten/dairy free.
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Foodie Field Trips

We offer a variety of field trips that share our passion and knowledge of food:

  • Farmer's Market shopping
  • Farmer's Market Brunch cooking lesson
  • Grand Central Market DTLA
  • Working Farm
  • Ethnic Market: Asian - Middle Eastern - Indian - Mediterranean
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We are Food Sensitivity and Special Diet Experts:

Chef Elaine B Good is certified as both an Allergy Food Safety Trainer for ServSafe and a Certified Food Allergy Nutritional Advisor and Coach.


Email, call or text

E-mail, call or text to establish availability, menu options, requesting a quote or accomplish your goal.  Or to offer someone a Gift Certificates.