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  • The adult cookbooks offer menu suggestions for balanced flavors and nutritional balance.
  • Childrens cookbooks include math, science lessons as well as getting them used to putting nutritionally balanced meals on a plate.
  • Recipes include foods known to strengthen the microbiome in your intestines and to support a healthy immune system.
  • Using the Mediterranean Diet as a guidline, all recipes use nutritionally rich foods, like ancient grains and organic is specified when important.
  • All the cookbooks offer alternatives for food sensitivities.
  • Cookbooks are organized with calories by  macronutrients (P for protein, G for green vegetable, Gr grain, etc) 
  • Cooking skill set levels  listed in the headings. (New-B is for beginners, Cook-E is experienced cook)

So filled with information, these E-Cookbooks are too big to be printed! Bring it into the kitchen with your tablet OR once you choose a recipe, highlight it and print the pages for that recipe.

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Happy Hormones Cookbook and Meal Plans

Hormones rule every function of your body, including your mood.

Happy Hormones Cookbook and Basic Meal Plans
Hormones control EVERYTHING! When one hormone level is out of balance it creates a domino affect that throws all of the rest of them off. Hormone imbalance results in bloating cramps, lack of sleep, anxiety, infertility, headaches, diabetes, insatiability, irritability and general bitchy-ness and howling at the moon. Eat the foods that you love at the right time and be happier!

Let's Play With Food

This delightful cookbook for 2-8 year olds and their associates is filled with fun, healthy recipes; easy-to-handle food cartoons entice even the pickiest eaters. Developed for adults in charge of meals for children, Let’s Play With Food is the answer to engaging children to easily create healthy foods and be released from fast-food addiction.

No Kidding

No Kidding E-Cookbook: 60 Recipes, that are easy to make, delicious and satisfying meals.
Do you make extreme demands on your body for work or athletic challenges? Do you have limited cooking experience but want to eat comfort foods that are actually healthy?
This cookbook is filled with quick to make and flavorful meals that don't require a full kitchen to make.

Vegan Moroccan

We are all about special diets.

We honor all dietary preferences and teach how to avoid cross-contamination.

Exceptional vegan and vegetarian offerings.

Chef Elaine is a recipe developer, and Cookbook Author, a Certified Allergy Food Safety Trainer for ServSafe and a Certified Food Allergy Nutritional Advisor.


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