• Corporate Catering: 12+ years catering for market research clients and respondents, including taste tests for Fortune 500 Company Research and Development and Advertising Executives
  • Dinner Parties: For Birthdays, Anniversaries and Out of Town Guests
  • Brunch: Families and Out-of-Towners
  • Kids Parties: Fun Food Activities that everyone can play

Cooking Lessons

  • Cooking Lesson Dinner Party: they all want to be in the kitchen, let's put them to work. (demo or hands on or both)
  • Farmer's Market Brunch: A shopping trip through a farmer's market followed by a brunch that includes the treasures we found.
  • Basics: Knife Skills: Soups and sauces, both hot and cold
  • Roasting and Braising: Moist and tender proteins and get the most flavor out of vegetables
  • Grill'n and Chill'n: What is best grilled and BBQ sauce basics
  • Big Fry: How to fry proteins and vegetables for crispy surface and tender centers
  • Hearty Appetizers: How to present food and make foods that can be eaten while standing, with one hand.
  • KIDS: Kids that learn to cook make healthier choices for the rest of their life, this class is colorful and information that is appropriate for all age groups from age 4 up.
  • Teens and Athletes: Learn what to cook for strength, stamina and mental focus.
  • Ethnic profiles: make a traditional meal or give it a twist
  • One Ingredient: focus on that ingredient that you love but don't know what to do with.

Foodie Field Trips



  • Grand Central Market: includes a history of Los Angeles and food.
  • A working farm: includes picking what's ready in the field, learn where your food comes from (great with kids).
  • Ethnic Market: get the ingredients that are hard to find for your favorite (or new favorite) thing to cook
Vegan Moroccan

We are Food Sensitivity Specialists.

Chef E is certified as a Allergy Food Safety Trainer for ServSafe and a Food Allergy Nutritional Advisor.

We honor restrictive food diet guests with individual plates, an area of the buffet or for the whole party.

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