Honey Marsh-mallows


An appetizer that hints of the meal ahead should create appealing anticipation of the complete satisfaction that follows.


Vegan and other special diet dishes are put on a marked side of the display.

Plated Service

Plated Service is available with an introduction to each course from the Chef.

Drop Off

Some reheating may be necessary.

Corporate Catering

Grilled Salmon Salad: healthy does not lack a profile of flavor or gourmet appeal. Feel great after a meal instead of bloated.

Team Building

Team Building includes contests, competition and a delicious winner.

Hearty Apps

Shrimp Cups are neater and more delicious than shrimp cocktail, refreshing and beautiful.


Our vegan dishes are exceptional and are organic, fresh and 'outside the box'.


Options include plated service, buffet or drop-off.

We offer adult and kids Cooking Lesson Parties

  • Corporate
  • Hearty Appetizers
  • Desserts
  • Team Building
  • Dinner Party
  • Breakfast
  • Bunch
  • Lunch
  • Kids Party


Make it pretty

Learn the art of appeal

Knife Skills

Learn how to care for and respect your knives. Learn which knives will make your prep work easier. This is where investing pays off.

Right Choice

Organic: learn how to choose produce and proteins and how to store them to last. We'll cook what's in season.


All Ways and always!

Pasta Class

Sauces are made for specific pasta shapes, learn them. Dairy Free and Gluten Free Available,

Roasting and Braising

Learn how to roast and braise to perfection. Putting food in the oven for an hour and take the time to decompress and build an appetite.

Asian Fusion

Learn Asian, American, Cajun, Italian, Middle Eastern, Spanish, Mexican, Caribbean, English/Irish Breakfast, Moroccan.


Cajun is uniquely American and the heart of Soul Food. Learn the history and flavor profile of this exotic true and natural culture.

Soups and Sauces

Soup:so easy, so healthy, so satisfying. Learn how to compliment, not bury your wonderful ingredients with a sauce.

BBQ Ribs

Grill'n and Chill'n and make your own BBQ sauce.

Steak Salad

The right greens, the right protein, the right house made dressing, are this class.

Cooking Lessons

(Free From: Gluten, Sugar, Dairy, Salt and low carb available)

All classes include nutritional information and how to be preserve ingredients.

  • Knife Skills and Care
  • Soups and Sauces
  • Herbs, Salads
  • Sautee, Fry and Eggs
  • Roasting and Braising
  • Baking - Desserts, Breads
  • Pasta and Raw Sauces
  • Grilling and BBQ
  • Ethnic Flavor Profiles
  • Kids