Middle East Feast

Feeling great after eating is a bonus that we love to deliver.

After years of traveling the globe on film and celebrity photo shoots, I'm so happy to land in my Los Angeles kitchen, continuing to work with my clients and new friends. My team and I provide meal choices that peak health, your immune system, good skin and increased energy.

Inspired by generations of my authentic Italian family's love of cooking and making every meal a special occasion, our cooking classes and meal delivery always begins with organic seasonal ingredients.

Knowing how to choose ingredients and how to develop flavors is essential to a wonderful meal. Beginning in the garden of my grandparents farm, I bring seasonal foods that exude endless passion and pleasure the way they did from my childhood.

Proper handling of the best possible fresh ingredients and knowing the right cooking techniques to establish the textures and flavors that will compliment the other menu items is the basis for our success.

Let's plan a fun, exciting, tasty way to meet your goals. In addition, if you prefer, we make it easy...delivering to your home, studio or office...whatever works to help you enjoy your good health and best life.

We respect personal dietary choices including:

  • Foods that regenerate and rejuvenate recovery
  • Vegan and Vegetarian
  • Avoiding over-processed foods
  • Gluten Free and Dairy Free
  • Low Sodium
  • Sugar Free
  • Anything that your body may need

Some of the flavor profiles that are best when made fresh and healthy, we teach and make classic, updated and inspired:

  • American: BBQ, Cuban, South Western, Cajun and Soul Food, Mexican, Californian, New England
  • Asian: Fusion, Vietnamese, Japanese, Thai, Indian
  • Mediterranean; Middle Eastern, Greek, Italian and Sicilian, Spanish, French; Moroccan

Thank you so much for taking the time to see what we do, if you're a foodie or just realized that you want to learn to cook or how to eat healthy please email or call and let's get you going!

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