What makes you a great cook?

Desire ~ desire is all it takes to become a great cook. You're half way there! You're still reading!!

So if you have the desire to be a great cook or even to accomplish one meal or one dish, the desire is there.

It is very easy to take the mystery out of cooking, knowing just 4 techniques: boiling/ steaming; saute/frying; baking/roasting; grilling (shocking, right!). So, you can read this and you can read a recipe...

You can learn the best methods for each ingredients, of which most are cross-overs, and you KNOW a lot of this already. Yes you DO! How can you cook carrots? SEE!

The rest is how you like your food!

  • You like spicy? so you can add these hot sauces.
  • You like gooey? Add this much water to your rice.
  • You like rich flavors? How about caramelized onions on that steak?

So it's personal, it's absolutely fun, and I even teach how to prep and have the right ingredients on-hand and how to shop to make it all happen.

We eat as we go, we build flavors-with you tasting all the way, live stream, you tube or in person in Los Angeles.

Come on into the kitchen it's not a foreign country and you already know the language!