Healthy is always the right choice

Celebrate to your health, not by compromising it.

If you think that healthy means less than absolutely delicious, you are very, very wrong. Nothing tastes better than fresh ingredients cooked with the proper techniques and seasonings to enhance flavor, not mask or bury it.

If you think eating something that is bad for you is fun or cute, stop! think about that for a minute….it’s bad, and the only one you’re hurting is yourself.

If you eat – you should eat healthy functional foods that give your body the nutrition it needs without nutrition empty calories (avocado opposed to donut). Your brain knows, your gut knows, and you know it too.

All traditional comfort foods were meant to give us the energy we needed for the lifestyle at hand. Working hard labor? Fat is good for your muscles and protein is slow burning energy. Sitting at a computer all day? That same fat that you might burn working in a factory or in a field, is going to collect around your organs and eventually strangle them. Because that is the problem with obesity=it eventually strangles your vital organs with fat.

What you eat is your only source of energy. We are built to eat food. As an old wise person would say: you are what you eat, so don’t be stupid, eat smart and eat healthy, the bonus is your own well being.